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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answered questions that we are frequently asked:

Do you size rings and what do you charge?
    Yes we size rings and the charges have many variables.  We recommend coming in to the store to get an accurate estimate.  Please keep in mind that without visually seeing an item we can only give a rough estimate and other repair may be needed.  The average for a gold ring to be enlarged is $55 one size.  If going down in sizes the average charge could be $50 or less depending on the metal.

Does my item leave the store for any reason?
    At no time an item leave the premises. We have our own Bench Jeweler that does everything in house.  Your item is locked in the safe every night and is always within reach of the Jeweler.  You can rest assured that your item is safe with us!

Do you carry Class Rings?
    Yes we do. We offer rings from the Artcarved company. We help with sizing and selection for our customer since there are several options available for class rings.  It takes 4 to 6 weeks for your ring to be made and for us to receive it.

Do you do Appraisals and how much do they cost?
    We do two different type of Insurance Appraisals;  Estate and Insurance Coverage.  We also revise and update old Insurance Appraisals.  Please check with your Insurance Company on how often they would like this to be done.  Changing market prices and repairs that are done over the years can alter the Appraisal enough to need an update, but Insurance companies vary.  Appraisal prices range from $50 to $150 per item depending on how much research has to be done.  

​Do you customize Jewelry?
    Yes, customizing jewelry is a large part of the business.  Whether it is done during the repair process or created by inspiration from our customers we can assist in creating that perfect item.  If we can't do it you can bet we know someone who can!

Do you buy Jewelry
    We offer cash or In-Store credit for Gold Jewelry.  We typically do not by Silver however it depends on the items being sold at the time.  We have a formula that we use to determine the amount of the item being sold.  Usually the amount is only a small fraction of what it would have been purchased for.  Please keep this in mind when selling your items.

Do you engrave items purchased outside of the store?
    We do offer engraving on both items purchased from us and items purchased elsewhere. It depends on the item but usually outside engraving price starts at $15 and up.  We do not have the ability to engrave cups or knife blades.