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Larimar Jewelry
From Our favorite Sterling Silver company comes a perfect line for summer!
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Our Products
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. 

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#T-7389 Oval Larimar Link Bracelet
#K-8283 Oval Larimar Turtle 
Pendant $60.75

#D-7278 Long Oval Larimar Dangle
Earrings $96
#M-5744 Square Shape Larimar 
Necklace $54
#D7463 Irregular Shaped Larimar 
Twist Design Earrings $59.25
#K-8293 Octopus Larimar & Blue
CZ Pendant $53.25
#K-8103 Marquis Larimar Pendant
#K-8162 Larimar Paw Print Pendant
#K-7874 Larimar Wave Design With
CZ's $78.75
#K-8097 Large Larimar Butterfly
Pendant $87
#K-8429 Round Larimar Starfish
Pendant $71.50
#T-7390 Round Larimar Linked
Bracelet $197.25
K-8292 Stingray Larimar Pendant
#K-8124 Round Larimar Wave 
Design Pendant $56.25